Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Marketing for March

Are you in the middle of a marketing slump? Summer tends to be a slow time for marketing and public relations efforts. This is why I tell all my business owner friends to re-evaluate marketing strategies during the summer. It is a slow time and there is plenty of space to review, plan and strategize.
Facebook and social media marketing efforts during this time are easy to A/B split test. You can review what times of day and what types of posts actually work and don’t work. You can also see what posts work on certain social media mediums vs. what doesn’t work.

Reviewing customer research is important during this time, too. When you launch your company, reviewing and studying your customers seems to be pretty important. Once customers start to roll in, revisiting your customer demographic, their buying trends, etc. seems to fall by the wayside. Don’t let this happen!

If there are two things to take away this weekend, understanding your social media efforts and who your customers are is essential and should be the main thing to revisit when it comes to marketing.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla Garrett

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