Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to give a killer presentation.

I receive wonderful comments back from attendees at the conferences I speak at. I don’t mind gloating about this. Why? Because I can share the secret to my presentation success with my blog audience. You see, I love public speaking but wasn’t that great at it when I first started. Someone shared the following secret with me, which has improved my presentation skills regardless of the audience size. So, I thought I would share it with you. I promise, if followed, you will be gloating about your wonderful feedback too!

End with a quote! It seems simple enough, right? You’re probably thinking a quote ending is silly. Well, it’s now. You see, people will remember a quote. They will associate that quote to your brand. They will use the quote often and, when doing so, think of you. They will share the quote on social media, they will talk about the quote at meetings, they will not believe that you ended a presentation using someone else’s quote. Your borrowed quote will be memorable!

The key is to select the right quote. It has to tie into the topic you are speaking about. It has to be cited to someone everyone is capable of knowing- at least from a name recognition point of view. The quote should be limited to two sentences. The quote should be said and mirrored in a presentation slide. And, if you give out any collateral, the quote should be at the very end.

Still intrigued? Try it! The next time you are speaking to a small group- even friends at Starbucks- leave the room with a quote. I promise you it will be a pivotal moment for you.

Until next time,
Twyla N. Garrett

Monday, August 25, 2014

The 2014 WILDE Leadership and Service Awards Gala

I love to meet my fans! If you want to support a great group of women, please consider buying tickets to the following event. Oh, and I am the keynote speaker!

he WILDE Leadership and Service Awards Fundraising Gala is an annual event held in the city of Atlanta that seeks to highlight and recognize proven leaders in the community who have shown a commitment to improving individual and community standards. Honorees exude excellence and integrity in their area of expertise, and stand as role models in society.

The event is known to motivate, inspire, educate and entertain while building networks in two incorporated folds:

WILDE The Runway- A Charity Fashion Show: is an extraordinary platform for designers in the fashion industry to showcase their creativity and artistic skills while creating awareness of different cultures through the display of artwork and dynamic designs. It also serves as a platform for highly talented fashion designers seeking more visibility. We have added an interesting twist to the 2014 WILDE The Runway by bringing to you an exclusive kids fashion show. You do not want to miss!

Awards Gala: is an evening of cocktails, entertainment and fine dining during which honorees will be presented with the 2014 WILDE Leadership & Service Awards. Among other amazing activities, there will be an engaging panel discussion involving extraordinary speakers from all over the nation speaking on “Women Embracing Life and Leadership.”


The 2014 WILDE Leadership and Service Awards Fundraising Gala will benefit WILDE Charities and Beauty4Ashes Foundation.

When: October 11, 2014
( 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm)
Future Vision
1212 Fowler St. NW,
Atlanta, Georgia

Tickets start at $45. You can buy them here: http://wildeawardsgala.org/purchase-tickets/

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Productivity Killers

I wanted to spend some of today discussing productivity killer. I recently had the pleasure of helping one of my employees out. After working through the task, I realized what is taking her four hours to complete was done in 45 minutes under my watch. Astonished, I had to ask why. I saw with her to see if she did things wrong or if I had missed something, I never led on why I was asking.

My employee did everything the exact same way I did. The only difference? When she was working with me as her shadow, she completed the task in just over an hour. Where were the other three hours I was paying her for? At this point I questioned her. She explained she is answering emails and taking phone calls between actual work. While this was a possibility, I didn’t see it as a three hour difference. In fact, I was also responding to emails and taking calls on speakerphone and still completed the task in less time.

After further investigating, I found the productivity killer. Google! Yes, Google. While my employees have to use it to look things up, it turns out they get distracted by the headlines, links, etc. And then they Google things they should be looking at on their off time, get tied up in related industry news headlines, and so forth.

No, my employee didn’t get in trouble. It wasn’t a deliberate act and we created an action plan together. I also figured out a way to take my employees off line when needed to ensure productivity. The point is, I wanted to share this so you know just how distracting Google can be to any task. It is a productivity killer. So, if you need to think, brainstorm, write, plan, or just need to relax- leave your phone at home and find a place with no internet or computers!

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Are Your Employees Engaged?

Here is an issue not discussed much in business, employee satisfaction. Many employers believe they are doing a service to their employees by giving them a job. They believe employment is a win-win situation. The employees get an income, the employer gets works done. Well, this isn’t enough anymore.

Disengaged employees tend to provide poor customer service and sour the work culture. In order to engage your employees beyond a paycheck, it is crucial that customers are defined as the equivalent to gold. You have to constantly show leadership through customer appreciation to stress how important it is to treat customers with respect. If you put your customers first, your employees know they have to follow. They, in return, become engaged.

Next, you have to create subteams. That’s right, accountability teams. Don’t leave employees alone and behind their cubicles. Engagement goes beyond the name tag. For engagement to happen, create small groups within the company and allow them to meet twice a week for a half of an hour. This brain building / venting session brings employees together. It unites them and makes them feel as if they have a true leadership role, not just an employee badge number, within your company.

If you can lead up employee engagement, I promise you the customer service your company delivers will be amplified.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Can You Be Persuasive?

Part of owning a business, or being in sales, is knowing how to close a deal and be persuasive. Not too many people are masters of this art. You can pitch your product or services all day long, but if you can’t convince people to part with their money- your business will fail!

If you want to become better at selling your products or your services, you have to look to improve upon your convincing skills. I did my research and have developed 3 easy steps to becoming more persuasive. The first step is an easy one. Shut up! That’s right, stop talking. Many people sell themselves out of a sale because they keep talking. Instead, talk about how your product or services solves a problem for the potential client and then zip your mouth. If they’re interested, they will ask the questions and come to a conclusion quickly. If you keep talking, you complicate this process.

You also want to share both positives and negatives. If you promote your products or services as fail-proof, your client will not sign up with you. You want to WOW the audience and promote your product but you don’t want to stretch the truth or over promise. So, briefly touch on the negatives associated with your products and services and then move on. Again, shut up about the negatives after you have covered them.

Finally, slow down. If you talk fast, you have to learn to work on slowing down. Most people distrust a fast talker. This is a proven fact. People buy from people who speak using a regular pace and tone. Talking too fast, swearing, using a high-pitch voice, saying “yes” to everything- these are all red flags for people. If you use these tactics, you will not persuade a single person.

I hope these tips help you improve your sales. If they do, please share your story with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

Monday, August 18, 2014

3 Ways to Push Your Website

Do you know how to keep your website competitive and fresh with customers? Well, if you are not doing all of the three tips below – then your website is lacking within the business world.

1. If you have a video graphic load in before someone can get into your website, you are failing. Your website has to be clean and easy to navigate. Opt-in load ins or video previews (without a pause or bypass option) are really bad news for content engagement.

2. Pop-up offers hurt you. I am really hopeful you have already come to the conclusion that pop up ads are just about completely considered as SPAM in today’s social media culture. You need to offer visitors to your website something of value, not a bunch of ads to click through. If you customer sees you have a lot of pop up ads on your website, you will have a lot of traffic that lands on your page and then clicks off of it within the first twenty seconds. Keep a static website without popups and you will be fine.

3. Navigation is everything. Don’t hide service or product tabs. Don’t make people search for them, either. If you have to send your visitors through one or more pages to get to a service or product page, you will be losing business.

I hope this information helps you take an impartial evaluation of your own website. It is easier to fix website deficiencies versus not addressing them and losing traffic and business!

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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