Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A 1-Question Interview...

We live and operate in a virtual world. In this world, we usually have to interview employees or contractors through Skype of through over the phone. Well, I have one question that will help you pick the right person to hire for your next ‘new hire’ quest – regardless of the position.

So, what is the question? “How is who you are now consistent or inconsistent with the person you were at 10 years old?” Now, look at how they answer the question more than the answer itself. Here’s why; the journey they are on is important. If someone where to say, “When I was 10 I thought I’d be an attorney but I ended up being a computer programmer”- you can ask what happened, get more insight as to thought process, ability to follow through on goals, ability to be distracted easily, schooling for computer programming, accomplishments, etc.

If you pay attention to the journey, the self-descriptions, and what they feel are ‘life events’ of importance between 10 and now- you will discover a lot about the potential new hire and their ability to mesh well within your company’s culture.

Trust me, this question works. A great way to see how effective it is is to simply use it on someone close to you before you use it in an interview. Ask your kids, parents, friends the same question. You will see how much information you gain and learn about them within the scope of their answer(s).

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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