Friday, October 10, 2014

Homeland Security and Day-to-Day Cyber Security

Today, Dairy Queen announced it is coming off a three month security breach that impacted the financial data of its consumers. Yikes, it seems paying cash is the best option today when you look at many retailers' track record. But what about your track record? While we are busy shaming retail outlets for breaching our data, is it possible we are just as guilty? Many people are and don't even know it!
All this said, I figured I would note a few ways to keep your own email account "hacker-free".

1. Don't use anything personal or that can be guessed about you as your password. This includes your pet's name! Use a weird combination of numbers and letters. Keep the password written down and somewhere in your home, not in a breachable app.

2. Never use a "Remember me" option on any of your devices when it comes to your passwords, especially email. Remember, hackers don't have to hack your email to get into your computer. They can hack your computer, send a "reset my password" request to your online banking and then, once into your email because you have a "remember me" option set up, get into your bank account (or other accounts).

These two steps may seem relatively elementary, but you will be surprised how many people still use "password" as their password and a "remember me" option on their mobile and home devices.

Until Monday,

Twyla N. Garrett

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