Monday, December 22, 2014

Social Media & Disaster Planning

Social media has become relevant in the last few years when it comes to helping disaster planning agencies and emergency responders deal with the unexpected. In fact, agencies have used everything from e-newsletters and blogs to Twitter and YouTube to post information on how to contact carriers, provide storm updates, notate emergency shelters locations, provide road closing information, showcase office hours, pass along FEMA info, provide “how tos” on preparing a disaster supply kit, deliver storm surge maps, give “thank you’s” to emergency responders, and so much more.

Social media really has provided first responders and federal agencies with a unique tool to prevent disaster communication protocols as well as to engage with civilians to correspond critical information when the unexpected does happen. With the ability for social media to break news in real-time, many agencies and officials are able to steady stream of information that is accessible from anywhere.

I am writing about these benefits today because in 2015 I will start a social media series on the benefits of civilian interactions (using social media) with federal agencies. I will talk about how tips, information, tracking and more can be collaborated using the inexpensive tools that come with today’s social media landscape!

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