Friday, December 26, 2014

Are You Hosting A New Year’s Eve Party This Year? If so, you need to consider keeping your guests safe while they are drinking- and in general. Many parties can go wrong with heated emotions and liquor involved. While I work in Homeland Security, I wanted to provide everyone and anyone who reads my blog with some free tips to staying safe (and keeping your guests safe) during a New Year’s Eve celebration.

If you are hosting a New Year's Eve party, following my simple steps for keep everyone happy, healthy and safe;

First, plan ahead by naming a "designated driver." As the host of the party, you should be checking in groups who arrive together. Ask who the DD is and confiscate the car keys until the same group is ready to go home. This way, you can check to ensure the DD is sober and prepared to drive the group home. If your DD falls off “the wagon” or you have singles without a DD, make sure you have someone else you can trust available to drive people home or be prepared to front taxi fares and worry about being paid back later.

Another great way to keep people safe (and avoid conflict) at a party this New Year’s eve is to limit the amount of alcohol that you serve. You should offer many mocktails and limit the amount of beer and wine you have on hand. This will help control over the urge to over indulge by many guests.

If you are going to serve liquor, stop serving it at least 90 minutes before people will be headed home. Simply shut down the bar and offer coffee or flavored waters (to push urination) along with some greasy foods to help people sober up.

Finally, don’t invite two sets of families / friends, etc. that you know have active drama going on between them. Unfortunately, a lot of gun violence (well, violence period) happens between two people who know each other. The holidays can bring out the worse in people and public gatherings can make people want to air grievances. If you know two groups don’t get along, don’t invite either group.

Until Monday,

Twyla N. Garrett

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