Wednesday, April 29, 2015

An Overview of Branding vs. Ads

There is a difference between branding and advertising. While most people would think these two efforts are one-in-the-same, they’re not. Branding is how people emotionally connect to your products / services within 5 seconds of seeing your logo. They come to know what you do, stand for, etc. all through branding via a multi-layered approach of media and publicity placement alongside content and visual positioning.

Advertising, however, is the campaign vessel to help communicate your branding message. It is a paid effort and it compliments how you develop your branding. It is not a part of your branding. Think about GoDaddy. Their advertising spots are known for being fun, quirky, and to the point when it comes to easy-to-use web-based services. The company’s branding is not who is in the advertising spots. The advertising is a tool to get people to pay attention to the brand so they can further explore it.

Don’t build all your advertising efforts around one single platform. That would be a poor branding choice. Instead, build all of your advertising efforts- on any level or price-point- around what your brand stands for.

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Twyla n. Garrett

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