Thursday, May 7, 2015

Social Sharing, Are You Optimized?

One aspect of social media engagement is utilizing hashtags and key words to not only spread your message to your audience, but to also capture traffic from a seeking social media audience. Yes, this task is a bit of work but it is worth learning because it can drive both traffic and profit.

The best way to start learning social sharing optimization is to start with Twitter or Instagram. Both utilize the hashtag (#) to pull in like-minded searchers / seekers / business owners into a single thought or image and then start a conversation or- at the very least- make a brand introduction.

If you’re really not that familiar with # use right now, go to Twitter and in the search box type in ‘#business’… this is your general audience, your peers, etc. Now, you need to write using social sharing optimization so they can find you when typing in specific key words.

Think you need more help learning how to do this and what tools to cross-train yourself on?

Don’t hesitate, contact me directly for one-on-one business and branding coaching. I'm always available to speak at your company's next event or provide one-on-one training.

Twyla N. Garrett of IME

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