Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 Self-Descriptive Words That Make Yourself Look Stupid!

One important part of networking is being able to describe yourself within a minute or less. But, describing yourself is an art. If you say too little about yourself- you appear weak and not confident. If you say too much- you're a jerk. I know the secret to making a great first impression and I'm not afraid to share it with you.

There are three words you don't want to use-ever- when talking about yourself. What are they? Well, they are more than simple words- they are how you use the words. Keep reading.....

#1. Taking credit for your obligations. Any word or series of words that describes yourself doing something that you're suppose to be doing is wrong. For example, 'I'm a great parent' or 'I'm a manager who likes to respond to problems'. No one wants to hear you praise yourself for doing what you are suppose to do. Stay away from this ego trap.

#2. Innovative. Just saying that your innovative shows that you're not. Not everyone has to be innovative. This term drives me, and others, crazy because it is a cop-out phrase. Think about it... 'My name is Mark and I'm an innovator'. Really? Unless you've impacted the way I live-you're not an innovator. On the flip side, if someone uses this term to describe who they are to you- call him or her on it. Ask them how they are an innovator and watch them get stuck!

#3. Unique. This term is so generic. Describing yourself or your business as 'unique' is a turnoff. How about coming up with ways to show why you or your company is better than your competition? Try it, it will work for you at your next marketing event!

Self-descriptions are hard. Don't take credit for your obligations and don't use the words innovative or unique at your next marketing event and you will have more success- I promise!

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