Thursday, August 29, 2013

Self-Sabotage- How Ugly It Can Be!

Have you ever met someone who has all the opportunity in the world- who also self-sabotages? It happens often. I've know very smart people who are on the brink of making it big- and then a scandal happens or they find a way to crush the opportunity. Have you ever been the victim of self-sabotage? Yes, I said victim because there are people out there who make a decision to self-sabotage themselves without knowing it.

Mike Tyson's interview today on the Today Show show how someone can be so accomplished, yet still self-sabotage them self. I've posted it below in case you missed it. The interview truly is an amazing example of self-sabotage being identified.

Here is how to over come self-sabotaging behavior.

1. Ask yourself if you feel motivated. If no, ask yourself why. Write these answers down.

2. Identify why you're not accomplishing anything based on the answers you wrote.

3. Ask yourself if the reasons why you're not accomplishing anything are really true or just assumptions. Ask yourself if you've tried to overcome these feelings or beliefs in the past.

Stop believing your own lies. Your internal dialogue isn't always right. If you feel unmotivated or are not making enough money, it isn't because they money isn't there or the opportunities aren't coming your way. No, other people are making money right now and there are always opportunities. You have to identify what your self-sabotage thinking is. Address what is fact and separate what is fiction. After you make these distinctions, you can develop a step-by-step plan to get yourself back on track.

It's never easy overcoming self-esteem issues, which is really why people self-sabotage. I've had to do it. My mom was very abusive to me. In fact, she told me I wouldn't amount to shit. Learn from your past. Identify when you are setting yourself up for failure. Move forward.


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