Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Become A Better Boss!

Many people ask me about leadership. They want to know how to lead their team to overwhelming sales and branding. Well, to be a great leader you have to be an amazing boss. This means starting with bossing yourself around. The best way to start being a better boss (and leader) is to say thank you and mean it. I try to practice this daily. When someone completes a task for me, even though it is expected because he or she is my employee, I say thank you. It is important to let people know when they are appreciated.

I also try to hold monthly meetings where I can ask employees if there is something I can do to make their work environment better or if there are tools needed to do the job. Knowing what the challenges within the office are, and where your own short falls stand, will help you assess what type of boss you are and take action to improve.

Random food. Who doesn't love free food? I try to surprise my employees with lunch delivered to the office when they least expect it. I will never schedule this regularly but if I know we're having a slow week, I order lunch. It gives the office time to talk, share ideas and brainstorm what tasks can be completed.

You don't have to be mean to be a great boss. In fact, being harsh can backfire. Try using one of these suggested steps this week to become a better boss.


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