Monday, August 19, 2013

Social Media Tricks

Everyone wants to know the secret to social media success. There is no secret to social media success other than showing up. Yes, the secret to social media, and life, is showing up. Who knew Keanu Reeves was so wise? Lol!

This said, it is important to note key opportunities on social media platforms to help your brand gain respect. You can have tons of followers on Twitter and not be respected. In fact, you can have lots and lots of people following you on Twitter hell bent on harassment. So, if you want to use social media in a way that engages your customers and potential customers, try using these tips:

1. Respond to everything. This means don't only respond to direct messages about your company, respond to messages about your industry. Follow the hashtags that are related to your industry. If you are a chef, you want to follow hashtags that read 'cooking', or 'needchef'... if you're a mechanic, you want to respond to hashtags that read 'deadbattery' or 'carissues'. Your goal is seek out your audience and engage them.

2. Don't sell anything. Everyone on Twitter or Facebook watches their numbers like crazy. And then they get upset when the phone doesn't ring. Social media isn't an immediate ROI. If you think it is, you're wrong. Social media solidifies your reputation and brand. People will hire you because of a referral or a great rating. People will think of you because of social media. It is important to showcase your brand as much as possible without selling anything on social media. People don't respond to blatant pitches for business on Twitter. However, they will use Twitter to form an opinion about your business.

These two tips will get you headed in the right direction when it comes to using social media.

Remember, social media is like Keanu's baseball game.... you have to show up!


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