Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winning in the boardroom.

I wanted to use today’s blog to discuss playing nice in life. I mean all aspects of life, too. You see, in business we have to deal with boardroom meetings, client meetings, interaction with coworkers and employees, in-laws, etc. I’m not going to lie, these interactions can test our patience. If we lose it, we lose in life. It is crucial to know how to win in a group, which means making some unpopular decisions and statements on occasion.

Below, I am going to lay out my top 5 ways to win in the boardroom and in life. These steps will help you navigate your way to success in a group environment. Please don’t think these are tips on being popular, they’re not. In fact, some of the time- they may make you unpopular.

1. Don’t lie. It sounds obvious but it has to be said. The truth will follow you. Not stating something is also a form of lying. If you are always upfront with people, you have nothing to worry about in life.

2. Address conflict immediately. You shouldn’t wait for things to die down. This tactic will always cause the other person to hold onto a grudge versus letting it go. My best advice is to address conflict head on and work for a positive resolution versus hoping it will all “blow over.”

3. Understand there are no perfect people. . A variety of personalities and types can add differing perspectives to help make a team more productive. You will have to work alongside these different personalities. You may not have to like the people you are working with, but respect their differences and how they can better the project because of their distinctions.

4. Ask questions. Don’t assume anything in life. Further, if you think someone understands what you are asking of them, don’t be afraid to have them repeat the instructions back to you with a plan of how he or she is going to attack the tasks. This isn’t for micromanaging purposes. Instead, it helps to ensure the other person understands what you are asking of them without insulting them.

5. Allow yourself to fall down. The world is super competitive right now. Cheating is at its highest level. Don’t cheat, don’t forge, simply try. If you fail, allow yourself to fall down and then get right back up. Try again and make sure you do so by incorporating what you learned from the failed attempt.

Remember, if you are honest and address conflict with others right away- you are already going to win many battles in life. Now, work in understanding that people aren’t perfect, ask more questions then you make suggestions, and also become persistent and the world will be yours for the taking.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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