Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson - Too Little, Too Late?

What can I say about the events last night in Ferguson, Missouri? I've watched the news this morning and from a Homeland Security perspective- it was a disaster. With all the time and preparation going into giving people the right to protest and to protect the community- all I am left with is a big question mark as to what happened?!

So far, we have 61 people arrested and several cars and businesses burnt to the ground. Is this how we protest in the country? Is this how we navigate and implement security measures? Is this violence how we promote a message of peace and further movements to justice? No! It isn't what one says that matters in these types of situations. Instead, it is how one says it! If the police stood calm and had a great plan in place- like being stationed across the city and in front of different businesses- I truly believe less structures would be burned this morning. The same goes for the protestors. If they stood together in silence- like here in Washington, D.C.- more would have been spoken through the silence and stillness.

We have a lot to learn about communication within individual and security platforms. I'm sad today on so many levels and hope- going forward- we can learn from last night's events.

Twyla N. Garrett

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