Monday, November 10, 2014

Loretta Lynch.... The Bombshell!

On Friday, I posted a blog stating who I thought the President would pick for Attorney General. Three hours after my post the President announced his choice, which is Loretta Lynch. I, like many other experts, was completely off the mark with my prediction.

Here's why myself and other are concerned about Loretta Lynch. First, qualifications. From a Homeland Security perspective, Ms. Lynch has some nice wins under her belt. She has no partial ties to Obama or those who dislike his initiatives. She seems to be clean and less aloof then Eric Holder. But this doesn't mean anything. Her Harvard degree, while impressive to some, doesn't come with the endorsements that other candidates had from police unions and first responder organizations.

Am I disappointment? No. She has experience in prosecuting cyber crime and financial crime. She could look at the current IRS scandal with a fresh set of eyes. I do feel there were other and better qualified candidates that should have obtained the position, but this doesn't mean all hope is lost for the country. Lynch brings a different kind of leadership to the table and maybe this is exactly what we need when it comes to sustaining certain programs and prosecuting terrorists. I guess we will have to wait and see.... In the meantime, here is the official announcement and welcome Ms. Lynch!

Video of Lorretta Lynch.

Anyway, as we head into Tuesday, November 11th- note I will not be posting a blog as it is a Federal Holiday.

Twyla N. Garrett

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