Monday, November 24, 2014

Homeland Security and Feguson.....

Pictures of Homeland Security officers are causing a stir and raising questions whether the Feds will be on the ground in Ferguson after the Grand Jury decision is announced. According to, Federal Protective Services has been spending money with them, providing proof of recent transactions for police gear by officers in town from Washington DC. As I write this blog, there has been an announcement that the verdict is in as to if a manslaughter charge is going up (or not) against the copy who fatally shot Michael Brown and the media is feeding the feeling of impeding chaos in the air. But is Homeland Security's presence really needed?

In my opinion, the answer is 'yes'! Anytime you have a group of people that have reason to be heated or outraged, the public's safety becomes an automated priority. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree with any decisions or actions on either side of the fence. My concern is for the city and the safety of both law enforcement and the citizens. This said, Homeland Security has to help provide a plan to local law enforcement because they can become a target regardless of the verdict! And the same goes for ordinary people who live, shop and work in the surrounding neighborhoods!

There is no doubt in my mind that today is going to continue to be an emotional day for many. There are several apparent and underlining issues feeding the heartbreak of the Ferguson community. The Department of Homeland Security may or may not be directly involved with boots on the ground service, but the do have an obligation to offer securities training and resources - if requested. For those of you who read my prior blog about the Vet who was fired for snapping a picture of the DHS's cars in a local hotel- you know that I am of the belief that we need to let these men and women do their jobs and keep us safe.

So, as we head into the evening seeking an answer as to what the decision is, I remain hopeful that the right thing will be done and that the peace will be kept.

Twyla N. Garrett of IME

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