Monday, January 7, 2013

Are You Networking?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.... it can all get very overwhelming at times. But, these social media tools play an essential role in your networking ability- and ability to make a profit in business.

Below are my tips on how to network better!

#1 - Don't collect a business card or make online contact with the "how can I benefit" attitude. People will see right through it. Don't be a user, be a networker. It is an art. Be genuine and you will build a genuine relationship!

#2- Listen. Yes, listen. If you are busy pitching a new friend, you are busy missing out on what that friend needs and how you can help. A pitch is good but you may be selling the wrong service to the right person. So, take time to listen before you offer a solution.

#3- Lastly, follow-up. The handwritten note is dated. I get it. But take the time to link up , social media wise, with your new contact and thank them for following you in advance. If you believe the lead is worth it then send an e-thank you card. Starbucks and other eateries offer this service right from Facebook!

Try these three tips and I promise you an increase in brand recognition and sales!

Until next time....

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