Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Make Your Business Better For 2013

The New Year gives business owners the opportunity to recount previous year’s mistakes and make necessary changes to improve their business and promote success. If you are looking to take your business farther this year, try these five steps.
The first step is to spend smart. Seems easy enough, but sometimes business owners overspend on pricey software or things deemed necessary for a business to thrive. Instead, focus on the value of the product or service in consideration and less on the cost itself. Cost does not necessarily mean the value of the product is better than something less expensive.
The second step is to terminate year-end bonuses. Your employees may really enjoy those few extra bucks during the holiday season, but instead of shoveling out lumps of money at one time, try breaking up bonuses throughout the year. Provide incentives monthly for employees and set goals to help your business thrive as well as employ morale.
The third step is to ask customers what they want. The most successful products are those that appeal to a large amount of people. You can only know this by asking for input on products you are selling. Suggestions help to improve the quality of the product you are selling. By manufacturing the product to fit the needs of your customers, you are showing appreciation towards them as well as giving them exactly what they like. Asking for ideas on future products could also help your business. Customers have innovative ideas as well which you can use to your advantage.
The fourth step is to sell solutions and not products. This may seem contradictory of the step mentioned before, but as a business owner your main goal is for your business to thrive long-term not just short-term sales. Present your product or service as a solution to potential customers. When they benefit, your business benefits. Focus on how you would like to market your product as a solution to a problem that a person may be having.
The fifth and final step is to try new strategies and often. The longer your business has been around, the more you may find yourself in the same business trends or patterns. Investigate new ideas and opportunities, which could help jumpstart your business. Make it a commitment to change strategies in every aspect of your business at least once a year.

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