Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Your Business Global?

Is your business global? It should be. The problem with businesses who service a local clientele is they assume global business is not their market. Wrong! If you have an internet presence (of any kind) then you are serving a global market and you are a global business.

People love brands. Even if your favorite coffee shop is the local mom and pop place down the street in a town of 2,000- there may be someone on your Facebook who loves the idea and "likes" the mom and pop place. Therefore, the brand is starting to grow a global audience and may, in the future, be able to sell their brand of coffee worldwide! So, you see, considering your business to be a global one has to be given some consideration!

Here are my tips for 2013's global business trends.

#1 - Now your niche. That's right. Maybe you are selling small volumes of homemade art. But, having an online presence will grow your brand and ability to sell. Much like I spoke about yesterday, you need to have a great internet marketing plan in place when you open a business- even if it is a local one. Internet marketing is going to get even more competitive this year and you need to know how it works and why it works.

#2 - Financing. More and more companies are offering in-house financing and 2013 isn't going to slow down this trend. Ask yourself how you take payments now, could you process global currency, and are you willing to split up payments on products. If yes, how would you accomplish this?

#3 - Hiring global. No, don't outsource for cheaper work. That isn't a trend. But, hiring people who work on the other side of the world who possess a specific talent that you will need. Don't be afraid to hire outside of your country but only if you are doing it for the right reasons.


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