Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can being "green" be a smart marketing move?

Many businesses are going "green" in today's market as a way to get tax credits and to also help the environment. But, a lot of other businesses are also using being "green" as a way to increase their PR perception through strategic marketing. Regardless of motive, being "green" is a win-win for Mother Earth and businesses.

In fact, being "green" is a money-maker for many businesses, including those who sell "being green" as a certificate. Check out this one website, http://www.gbb.org/green-business-certification-signup/?gclid=CPXsr8PajbUCFa57Qgod5xwAEg , and there are many of these types of websites out there!

People love "green" businesses because it makes them feel as if there money is really going to a good cause. But is it really? I guess if you choose to do cloud computing and rarely print, then yes. You are directly impacting the environment in a good way. But, what if you slide the actual "green" element just for a certificate from one of these websites? Is your marketing plan being fair?

I encourage you to ponder these questions this Tuesday. If you can find a way to make being "green" a win-win for your business and the planet- great! If not, don't market yourself as "green" because the PR backfire can kill your business.


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