Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is the new Blackberry right for your business?

Ok, I've tried out all the phones. But, I couldn't help but hear a slow buzz building over the new Blackberry model. Blackberry phones are great because they really do operate as a functional computer in your hand. Open documents, create documents, etc... And it doesn't help that the iPhone really has made the Blackberry look like the black sheep of smart phones.

So what is all the buzz about with the new Blackberry? I'm here to provide you with some more info. If you have the 411, you may be able to decide if your current phone works for your business or if the new Blackberry can help you drive new business.

Pro # 1. The new Blackberry (BB) has two internal operating systems. One for personal use and one for work. This means you can toggle between apps for your personal life and apps for managing your business, employees and business' social media accounts.

Pro # 2. Email is going to be fast.... I mean super fast. I'm sure not a day goes by that you don't have an email from a friend or business person that says, "sent from my Blackberry." Have you ever wondered why all these people are not switching to the iPhone? Well, BB's email is known for being fast but the new OS promises even quicker (is that possible?) email service. This is a great feature when closing deals or solving customer issues.

I'm sure there are going to me more BB OS benefits showcased through commercials and a heavy online social media campaign. My advise? Don't discount the BlackBerry until you have tried it. Sure, you may not have all the Droid run apps but you will gain a lot of business benefits that will do more for you than a word game or celebrity alarm clock!


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