Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 2, 2013 - Twyla Garrett is the owner of Investment Management Enterprise and was recently invited to speak at The White House on issues related to business and the country’s economic growth. Now, Garrett is announcing her “2013 Business Awareness Campaign.” The Campaign is designed to help aspiring business owners launch their ideas into actual business ownership during the 2013 year.

“The word “economy” strikes fear right now in many people. I don’t want potential business owners to miss out on great opportunities because of a misperception right now,” said Twyla Garrett. “I was just at The White House. I own several businesses and I know what it takes to make a good go at starting a business. Thus, I am launching this Campaign to help others feel empowered, not fearful, when starting their businesses in the New Year!”

The “2013 Business Awareness Campaign” will allow potential business owners (world-wide) to reach out to Twyla Garrett, via her blog, and submit questions. In turn, Garrett will offer free advice as a response to the questions. “I normally charge for a full business consultation. I know start-up owners often don’t have spare cash laying around. So, I thought why not launch this campaign and have my blog be a free spot for potential business owners to network, ask questions, and maybe even find investors,” continued Garrett. The Campaign will start on January 3rd of 2013.

About: Twyla Garrett is an extraordinary entrepreneur, corporate speaker, and compelling author who has been personally invited to speak at The White House on the issues of creating jobs, economic growth and the controversial fiscal cliff of 2012. Garrett is known for her notable (sometimes 100% self-funded) business deals as much as she is known for providing excellent opportunities to individuals facing immense challenges. Twyla’s memoir will be published in 2013 and it will be followed by a series of “how-to” business books, starting with one based on Homeland Security. Currently, Twyla’s business blog and social media accounts furnish motivational quotes and an over-the-shoulder view of her unique perspective on profiting in business while helping others.

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