Thursday, October 17, 2013

2 Bad Ways to End A Business Meeting

I attend many meetings, both with clients and my own staff. There are two things about ending a meeting that really bug me and other business owners. No matter what your status is in a company, don't commit these "meetings crimes."

1. Lack of Follow Up.

This drives me up a wall and back again. If you say you're going to do something in a meeting, do it. You shouldn't be prompted by clients or peers of what needs to be done or for a status check. As soon as you leave your meeting, delegate your calendars to reflect when items are going to be started, when they are due, and what dates you're going to send out progress emails to all involved. A lack of follow up shows that you're just attending the meetings, but aren't really interested in any real action.

2. Not Ending A Meeting on Time.

This drives me crazy! If I'm inviting people to a meeting, I understand they are taking time away from their other responsibilities to attend it- even if they are my own employees. When I set up a meeting I note a time frame. I always tell the attendees that the meeting may go an extra 20 minutes longer and to schedule enough time for this to happen. This way, if I do go over- no one is upset. And, if I get to 20 minutes past the end time- I allow the people in the room to vote on if the meeting should continue or should be continued at a later date. Ignoring someone's schedule requirements is just rude. If you schedule a meeting, note the timetable and stick to it.

Business etiquette is a big part of your every day life. Make sure you follow these two rules to keep customers and peers happy.

Until next time,

Twyla Garrett

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