Friday, October 25, 2013

Beating Business Anxiety

I'm about to reveal a business secret that will upset many executives and entrepreneurs. What is it? Anxiety! Yes, anxiety. While people may appear to be tough as nails, men and women in business are usually driven by the fear of failure and a ton of anxiety.

If you suffer from anxiety, know that it is common and an opportunity for success. You see, most successful people are plagued by anxiety attacks. I mean, they have a lot on the line and take huge risks to achieve success that doesn't arrive overnight. In order to beat business anxiety you have to identify it. What terrifies you as a business owner or executive? Don't just think it right now- write it down. Tape it to your computer screen. Remind yourself of it. Make it so commonplace that you are forced to face it more than you want. Let yourself see the words of what you fear daily. As you get more use to seeing and reading your fear, you will become less bothered by it. Seems simple? Yep. Does it work? Yes!

You also want to understand that you have to be willing to suffer greatly for success. Your life will be about sacrifice. You will have a terrible schedule. You will lose potential mates because of it. You will face anxiety daily. In the end- it is worth it. So,keep your eye on the prize and gear up for discomfort. Face your fears by writing them down and glancing at them daily. You will beat them!

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