Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition!

I always hear people complain that they aren't getting the sales they had hoped for. First, we would all love to close 100% of our pitches 100% of the time. However, it isn't a perfect world. But you can increase how you close deals easily. Here's my secret. Don't talk too much. Yes, talking yourself out of a deal happens more than one would think.

I've witnessed people pitch me a product and then downplay their own abilities in the same meeting. Why would I buy services from someone who doesn't believe in him or herself?

All you need to know when selling a client a product or service is what makes you different from your competition. If you would focus on this aspect, instead of pricing, you would have more sales. All you have to do is explain who you are and what you're selling. Add how it can solve a customer's problems. That's it. Keep the pitch simple, short and compelling.

Happy selling!

Twyla Garrett

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