Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Ask for A Raise!

So, you need more money. You deserve more money. You are afraid to ask your boss for money. It is a tough position to be in. With the economy being what it is, and now the government shut down, asking for more money can mean more than a simple "no." In fact, it can lead to you being fired. But it isn't easy to survive with everything becoming more and more expensive these days? So, how do you ask for a raise without getting fired? Easy!

Ask early. Don't ask for a raise at your review. Instead, ask for a raise a month before your review. State that you know your review is coming up and you wanted your boss to know that you will be seeking a raise. Do this as professionally as possible. This gives your boss a heads up that there is an expectation of money on your end in advance so the meeting isn't awkward when you arrive.

Gather data. Yes, prove how much you are worth to the company by showing your boss how much more another company will value you. You can do this during your evaluation or a month before when you state that you will be expecting a raise.

Expect objections. Go in strong but accept whatever they are willing to give you. Hey, the economy is tough right now. So, if you are asking for five thousand dollars more a month, accept at least half. Some money right now is better than no money, right!

Keep your head up too. Things will get better.


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