Monday, October 21, 2013

2 Ways to Sell Yourself (or your products).

I hear pitches all day long as a business owner. People want me to buy anything and everything. While most stuff pitched to me I don't need (or already have), there are some things I do buy that I didn't know I needed. Why? Great pitches. Plain and simple. In fact, most people who buy things they don't need is because of a great sales pitch. But that isn't a secret. What is a secret is how to create an actionable pitch. I'm sharing two of these secrets with you today and for free!

You want to start by recording yourself. Oh, I know it is scary but do it. Record yourself pitching to a friend if you want to make the experience even more terrible. This helps work the nerves out of your pitch and it allows you to fix serious presentation issues. Record it, walk away. Watch it four to five days later and not a second sooner. You will see what I mean here and thank me later!

Talk to a seven year old about your product or services. If you can keep the child's attention for more than a minute, you're good to go. Even better? If the child can repeat the basic idea behind your pitch in his or her own words- you have a winner!

I promise you these two tips will help you sell more of yourself or your products to anyone and anywhere in the world.

Until next time,

Twyla Garrett

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