Monday, December 9, 2013

Fantastic Business Habits for 2014

The New Year is just a couple of week away. Boy, this year flew by fast! If you're thinking about a resolution, stop right now and read. I've come up with a few habits every entrepreneur should form in 2014 to ensure success.

Start with focusing on your life style, not a life change. People tend not to change much. Your likes, dislikes, goals- they pretty much remain the same throughout life. Goals can be expanded upon, what you dislike may soften but will always exist, your likes may go through phases but the core of what appeals to you never truly leaves. Thus, don't focus on changing your life this up and coming year. Instead, focus on how you will improve your lifestyle to pivot through life's changes.

You also want to have a resolution to be reasonable. We live in a now society. Everything has to be easier, techier (is that a word,lol) and happening in the moment. Not everything has to be done now. In fact, if you rush something- chances are it will turn out terrible. So, resolve to be patient and slow down this year. Your business WILL benefit from this small action.

Drink more water. Yes, this is my advise. Too many of us get caught up in the coffee, energy drink, Skinny Girl beverage trend and social circle drinks. But adding a glass (or one more glass) of water to your daily routine in 2014 will improve your health and alertness. It is an affordable and easy resolution to make and keep.

This week is the last week of my blog. I will be taking a two week break, and then back with you in 2014. So, send in those business questions now and I will try to get most of them answered by Friday.


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