Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Homeland Security; Rain Forecasts Smuggling in Arizona.

I recently read an article in Homeland Security magazine discussing how raining weather resulted in an increase of smuggling attempts in the state of Arizona. This brought me to the topic of the basic issues at hand always should be addressed first. Something as simple as a weather event can create a national security concern for our country. Why? Because people tend to slow down and not do as good of a job outdoors when the weather is compromised.

The Homeland Security magazine says "“Narcotics traffickers use any means to move their products, including strapping the drugs to their backs, cloning vehicles and even trying to use the weather to their advantage." So, how prepared are we really when it comes to weather events and security? This article implies, and I agree, that bad weather puts our security efforts in more of a relaxed state of mind. Think about it. You're less likely to be pulled over for speeding during a rain storm because the officer, naturally, doesn't want to stand in the rain and write a ticket. This is a fact. And, now, it seems the same is going on with our border patrol agents and those in the position to watch over this country during a weather event. Luckily, we are now aware of the considered advantage by those trying to trespass into this country and can prepare and respond accordingly.

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