Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Homeland Security Book is NOW for Sale!

It's here. My first book is for sale on my website. It is dedicated to the subject of Homeland Security. You can buy it as an immediate download for $9.99 or a printed version for $14.99 +S&H.

Here is the chapter preview:

Chapter Preview

Chapter 1 The creation of the Department of Homeland Security
Chapter 2 Overview of homeland sustainability challenges
Chapter 3 What homeland security can’t do
Chapter 4 What homeland security can do
Chapter 5 How social media can help government agencies communicate disaster messages
Chapter 6 How to prioritize projects
Chapter 7 How to assess and handle natural disasters
Chapter 8 How to assess and handle threats
Chapter 9 Urban Areas Security Initiative – Overview of the 32 jurisdictions
Chapter 10 Mass transit disasters and accidents
Chapter 11 Moving on – Lions and Tigers and Grants, Oh my! How IME can help you in a variety of ways and why the next series is important for those seeking to write and win a grant!

Here is how you can buy the book today!!homeland-security-book/cvrb

Twyla Garrett

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