Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Your Marketing Message.... Is It Believable?

I received an interesting question the other day. An email arrived asking me how to make a marketing campaign more believable. Well, I don't think there should ever be dishonesty in marketing and advertising. You should sell what you know and sell honestly. However, you can improve how you market your product to gain more attention.

The first step to do this is to clarify your thoughts, services and/or products. Don't use too much text on any packaging. It will bore people. Don't forget, we live in a virtual world now where many brands only have 140 characters to get their point across. Be direct.

Next, you want to avoid over used descriptions. Never deem yourself or your products as "the best", "hot", "on sale", or "amazing." Instead, get creative. Use terms that create an emotional connection and aren't a part of a sales pitch.

Finally, don't be a sales person. Don't write to sell something. Instead, sell something by writing marketing content that is relatable and not after a customer's wallet. I promise you this approach works better than any sales page out there!

Keep those great questions coming. Remember, tomorrow's blog is on the topic of Homeland Security so be sure to tune in.

Twyla Garrett

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