Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Homeland Security Issue of the Week!

I want to talk about a report recently on related to Cyber Security. The report stated "the DHS has its own set of cyber vulnerabilities." Yes, according to a full report by the Inspector General, the Department of Homeland Security suffers from cyber security issues. So, if the DHS is exposed enough to cyber criminal activity, how do you protect your own agency or business?

Here's a list from the DHS' own website noting how to protect yourself from a cyber attack. However, there is no 100% bullet-proof vest for your computer system to wear- as the DHS itself will admit.

I decided to expand upon a few of these topics. For example, one tip is to NEVER click on links sent in random emails. Well, this is pretty obvious. However, you don't have to receive random emails in the first place. You can set up personal and professional accounts to not accept emails sent from people other than those on an approved list.

You should be more concerned with malware than emailed links, too. Accrding to the DHS, "Destructive malware has the capability to target a large scope of systems, and can potentially execute across multiple systems throughout a network. As a result, it is important for an organization to assess their environment for atypical channels for potential malware delivery and/or propagation throughout their systems. Systems to assess include:

Enterprise Applications – particularly those which have the capability to directly interface with and impact multiple hosts and endpoints. Common examples include
Patch Management Systems,
Asset Management Systems,
Remote Assistance software (typically utilized by the corporate Help Desk),
Systems assigned to system and network administrative personnel,
Centralized Backup Servers, and
Centralized File Shares."

My company, IME, can help you take a comprehensive look at your current cyber setup and possible issues. We can help rectify many issues, too. Will you be 100% safe and secure? No- that's impossible. Even the DHS has private waves of computing that are hackable. However, you will be more prepared to prevent and respond to cyber security attacks and threats.

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