Monday, April 28, 2014

The secret to productivity!

I was introduced to an amazing tool that helps me increase productivity and get to know my clients better. In fact, it has boosted my productivity and my profits. What is it? A recording device.

Yes, in the day of the app, I am relying on a basic digital recorder to move my business forward. I highly recommend this tactic to anyone and everyone- employee or business owner a like. You see, as a business owner I have to deal with many people, many problems, and many prospects daily.

Using a recorder allows me to record conversation highlights to review at a later date or time. When I am done pitching a client, I record my key thoughts about the client’s project and personal items he or she may have said to me right after the conversation and while it is fresh in my mind. Then when myself or my team is working on the proposal we can easily recall key information to include into the proposal. Even something as simply as a client mentioning they like Chiptole is useful. I will often record preferences noted by the client during a meeting so I can send a tailored ‘Thank You’ gift at a later date or as a follow up push.

So, simply taking a few minutes to recall important events into a record can truly help your productivity and your profit margin. Until next time, Twyla N. Garrett

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