Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fighting and Business.....

“Conflicts are common between you and competitors or employees and bosses. How you deal with conflict and those moments when you feel like you’ve been decked can mean the difference between success and failure.” – Bobby Campbell.

I read this statement today and sat on it. It hit me hard because Bobby talks about how running a business is like getting into a boxing ring each and everyday. The key is knowing when to get out of the ring or when to stay in and fight. As business owners we will encounter daily conflict. This doesn’t mean we have to engage into a conflict everyday. There is something to be said about the above statement.

Walking away from conflict is easier said than done. Chosing your battles wisely will be the difference between failure and success for you. If a conflict is minor, meaning it isn’t going to harm your company regardless if you win or lose, let it go. That fight isn’t worth it. However, if you are engaged in a battle that can harm your business – at the advise of a lawyer- then a fight must proceeed.

I am writing a book on failures in business right now and addressing the issue of fights won but businesses being lost as a result will be included in a chapter. If you have a similar story then I want to hear from you.

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Twyla N. Garrett

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