Thursday, April 10, 2014

Who Has Your Money?

I love when people turn their money over to their accountant and walk away. Why? Would you turn over all your money to a stranger on the street and tell him or her to take great care of it? Nope! So, just because someone is a licensed accountant doesn’t mean they have your best interest in mind or are incapable of making mistakes. You need to be in charge of your money regardless if you have an accountant or not!

Here are 5 questions to ask any accountant you are considering to hire and, again, make sure you audit him or her regularly.

1. What are a few considerations, financially speaking, that I should be touching base with you on and why?

2. Can you help me grow my business? How?

3. What should be my break-even point?

4. What are common mistakes I should avoid when working with you?

5. Can I have a few past clients as references and the reason why they are past clients?

If you start with these questions then you are on your way to being move involved with your own finances. Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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