Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When NOT to Delegate!

Here’s the thing, I am often asked about delegation. I am both for and against it. I don’t believe in micromanaging employees but there are certain tasks that shouldn’t be delegated. In fact, these tasks should be micromanaged and handled by you! What are they? Keep reading.

1. How you are spending other people’s money. Yes, this is a subject that is sensitive but if you have business investors then you need to be speaking with them and updating them on the progress of the project and how their money is being spent. It is crass to delegate this tasks to an administrative support position.

2. Leadership. This defines your company brand and your company’s culture. If you delegate leadership to a poor leader or a leader who has a different vision then you- your company will not reflect your vision. Be your own leader. Be your company’s leader. Actually lead!

3. Pitching products or services. Sure, you will need a supportive sales team. However, do not allow this team to decide how things are pitched or how your company is represented. You need to train and check in upon all the people who sell your products and services for you. Again, I believe in delegation – just now when it comes to the above tasks.

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Twyla N. Garrett

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