Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bad People: Homeland Security

We all have to work with one another when it comes to business. Even the Homeland Security industry, which it now is an industry, collaboration is key! Poor leadership or internal employee and sub-contractor issues can mean serious consequences when it comes to business of any kind, but especially with Homeland Security matters.

I recently read, “Bad managers are manipulative and might take advantage of situations to advance their own profile. For example, a manager could use the results of high-performing employees in his department to set himself up for a promotion.” This was in an article on how bosses use their employees to advance their own careers. Well, this is a perfect example of poor human behavior on any level.

How do you combat this from happening around you? Simple, communication and a zero tolerance policy. Now, there is hard work here. You can’t promote communication from an open door open down the hall or on another floor. You have to be in the mix of everything going on in order to be effective with your communication efforts.

I have noticed the offices with the most politics, back biting, and worst in human behavior tend to be the offices that look like cube farms or have many open doors located away from the bull pin. Improve your communication and overall performance with people better by designing an office that promotes connection and communication.

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Twyla N. Garrett

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