Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Ethical Workplace

I recently read an article on how to create an ethical workplace. I was a bit taken back because who is working in an unethical workplace? Today, it is harder and harder for people to discriminate or create hostile work environments because of better laws and social media / smartphone devices within the work place.

Don’t get me wrong, laws can still be broken at work. However, there are ways to protect your company and your employees from implementing unethical practices or being the victim or an unethical initiative (intentional or not). I’m listing my suggestions below.

1. Have a culture statement that each employee has to sign and ensure your attorney has endorsed this statement first. This statement should go over what your expectations are as an employer when it comes to ethics and how to report violations.

2. Explain in the culture statement that mistakes happen and the company recognizes this. Note there is a “no fire” policy for the first mistake (within legal limits) and that you foster an open policy. As long as the mistake is admitted to, the employee is provided the chance and the tools to correct it without an oral or written write up.

3. Note the No Tolerance cheating policy within your culture statement. This is a special section that discusses ethical conflicts. It defines them, it states how to handle specific situations or report potential issues, and it outlines the immediate actions should the No Tolerance cheating policy be violated.

While the article I read was informative, it wasn’t airtight when it comes to addressing real world issues and solutions. I’m hopeful my suggestions will help your company.

Until next time,
Twyla N. Garrett

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