Monday, May 19, 2014

Phone Calls, How NOT to Hate Them.

I met this one woman who was in sales. The problem was that she dreaded cold calling. I first questioned why she would pick such a field if she hated cold calling. Next, I tried to figure out a way to help her. I thought about her problem, my company, and what is often needed to make a cold call. Here’s what I came up with – it helped her so I’m hopeful the pointers will help you;

Like anything in life, have a plan. The more prepared you are (in any aspect of life or business) the less scary something is. If you spend time developing a plan for your phone calls, they will be easier to make.

You have to feel successful, too. Envision success. Don’t anticipate all your phone calls going poorly. Instead, visualize the calls going well and a percentage of failures. If you have a visual number of ‘no’ phone calls or hang-up calls in your head- when they happen it isn’t going to be devastating to your ego.

Finally, don’t worry about a script. You should plan an outline of what you will say but don’t be stuck like glue to it. I hate scripts because the person on the other end of the phone is unaware of the script and will not stick to what you have thought out in your head.

I truly think these three easy pointers will give you a strong start in the field of phone sales or phone calls in general.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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