Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Direct Mail Campaigns are Still Alive.

Someone recently asked me if direct mail is still an option. Of course! We aren’t 100% stuck on the Internet all day, every day. The problem with direct mail marketing campaigns is they can be costly and you have a lot of other junk mail to compete with. You need to get noticed between the second someone peeps in their mail box to the time it takes to trash (or recycle) what hasn’t been requested.

If you are planning a direct mail campaign, keep reading. There are some tips and tricks you can do in order to stand out and get noticed.

I highly recommend using the shock and awe method. Marketing writer and genius Craig Simpson recently wrote “This marketing method is an elaborate package that you send to people who have specifically requested information about your products and services, and/or have already placed an order with you. The idea is to exceed their expectations, engage their interest, and build their loyalty--and perhaps even a sense of obligation to you--by sending them a package of materials and goodies that's unexpected and so impressive that it takes their breath away.

These packages should include as many items, and as wide a variety of items, as possible. You want it to be exciting to go through and look like there's a lot going on there. Whatever you put in your package should be branded with your name and logo. You want the recipient to think of you every time he or she uses your mug, looks at your imprinted calendar or reads through the materials you sent.”

Some people do believe in sending out letters that look like money is included or creating envelopes that look like they have been hand addressed. I don’t like using these tactics because it is almost a bait and switch tactic that may anger some people. Instead, use vivid colors and rely upon a strong message and a compelling image to make your case up front.

Happy mailing,

Twyla N. Garrett

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