Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Vacations – Is Your Company Prepared?

We are headed into vacation season. Your employees are happy but you are probably concerned. We need, as business owners, people to be motivated and present during a slow season. Why? It is a time to catch up on small tasks and prepare for the busy season, as well as generate new ideas to keep the company growing. However, people will need to take time off in order to be refreshed and productive. So, where is the balance?

Well, first – think about a real slow month / week that is coming up. Make attendance mandatory during this time. No one can go on vacation and everyone needs to be in the office. Why? This is a time to setup meetings / training / brainstorm new ideas, etc. Allow people to go on vacation but not during this specific and designated week. This will be your “go” time to create plans and address outstanding issues.

Next, create a vacation plan. Make sure you schedule people off in intermittent periods and not at the same time. Then, designate who is taking over specific duties for whom and ensure everyone is aware of the plan (and agrees to it) before vacations start rolling out. This will ensure a seamless transition during a slow time and it affords cross-training opportunities.

Well, speaking of vacations – Memorial Day is Monday so my blog will not be back up until Tuesday! However, keep your questions rolling in.

Until Tuesday,
Twyla N. Garrett

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