Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Communication = Sales

There isn't anything you can do to hype up your company that will replace communication. No amount of social media development, beautiful website design, or publicity stunts will lead to actual sales if you, the owner of the company, can't communicate. Internal and external communication leads to sales... period!

Breathing patterns aren't often addressed when dealing with communication. Why? This is the most important thing a great communicator can do. You see, when someone is trying to sell you something and they talk too fast- we tend to feel rushed into a sale and that something may not be on the up and up. So, you see, leading by example through speaking slowly, using correct breathing techniques, will help your staff and clients not only trust you- but buy from you!

Remember, it isn't how fast or slow you speak- it is the content that matters. Some people practice their sales or idea pitches so much that they don't leave room for error or interruptions in the form of client questions. This said, know what you are talking about and practice answers- but never be too canned in a response or a presentation. Don't worry about not making your time in the speech to match cue cards or slides. You need to be more worried about what you are saying and if it is understandable then staying on time or rushing a phone call and/or presentation.

Communication can make or break you and your company. If you are challenged in the area of self-expressions, take a moment to slow down your speech and realize that you're selling content, not the communication form itself.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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