Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why You're NOT A Millionaire

I was asked an interesting question over the holiday weekend. A woman told me her story about starting a business. While she had all the right tools and building blocks in place, ten years had gone by and she wasn't even close to breaking the bank - never mind reach her goal to be a millionaire. She asked me why I thought this was. I told her the same things I am sharing here. If you're not reaching your millionaire goal, keep reading....

1. All you think about is money. You can't think of money so much that you stop thinking about strategy or customer service. If you are more concerned about money than your actual product or services, you are going to have many problems.

2. You're not overly helpful. Yes, helpful. This may be the key to success in addition to the key of making yourself a millionaire. You see, the more people you help- the more people will help you. If you help your employees, they will be more loyal. They will have a sense of ownership over your company. They will forever promote it. Same with vendors, people you meet on the street, etc.

3. You're not honest about your progress. If you are unwilling to track your own progress and hear client or peer feedback (and then do something about it), then you are unwilling to make a million dollars. You have to be accountable, you have to be ready for growth. This isn't possible if you don't track your own progress.

To you first million!

Twyla N. Garrett

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