Friday, September 26, 2014

Successful Habits in Business

I was recently discussing business success with a peer. She asked me what I thought my most successful business habit was. Well, I don't know if I have one habit that actually has a success ROI. I do, however, have two habits that helps me keep my head in the game.

The first habit is being able to prioritize many tasks quickly and delegate certain items to the people I trust. I can't run every aspect of my company all of the time. Being able to prioritize and delegate is a habit that helps me run my company and I rely upon it daily.

My other habit is PMA, which means Positive Mental Attitude. You can't dive into any project or business relationship being negative but expecting great results. I try to have a great outlook on life and in business all of the time, even when I know I shouldn't. Being positive can help you combat stress and make smarter decisions when it comes to business. I don't know any cutthroat business owners who have long-lasting relationships in business or in their personal lives, which is a shame. You can be successful without being ruthless or negative.

My habits work for me. This doesn't mean they will work for you, although there is no negative to being positive! Make sure you find what works for you and make it a daily habit if you are truly seeking success.

Until Monday,

Twyla N. Garrett

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