Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Customer Service Wins!!!

There are a few uncommon ways to win the love of your customers. It is important to keep your customers happy because they can be not only repeat customers, but they can refer business to or away from you! I've come up with a few uncommon ideas that will help your brand stay in the front of your customers' minds, making them your best assets!

First, share clever and appropriate things with your customers. What kinds of things? Well, friendly things. Funny MEMEs, interesting food recipes, concert tickets you can't use, coupons- whatever. Be a sharer and always show your clients that you're looking out for their best interests!

Another thing you can do is offer a rewards program. Keep your customers loyal by doing more than expecting that they will give back. Offer incentives that they want. Point systems are OK, but they can become irritating and more work then a client wants to put into a program. Instead, if a customer buys a service- offer them a cash reward or a gift. Or, even better, don't offer anything. Instead, send something without being asked and without telling the client you are going to do it!

Customer service is a common expectancy within business. However, doing the uncommon and going the extra mile is very important to your success. Think about this as you head into the rest of the week.

Until tomorrow,

Twyla N. Garrett

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