Friday, December 7, 2012

Before the holiday break say these words!

The holiday season / holiday break is coming up. Do you have employees? If so, read this.

The holidays are a time for you to inspire employees who may be overworked, financially stressed, and looking to coast until January 2013. Below are three key words that you will want to use to maintain company morale during December.

1. "I trust you." This makes your employees feel responsible and take responsibility. This phrase puts accountability on the employee and reminds them there are still tasks to be accomplished before the New year!

2. "Can you help me?" This is your wild card. People don't like admitting that they can or will not help out. If you ask for help instead of ordering it, you will see amazing things start to happen at your office!

3. "What do you think I should do?" I know, I know- chances are you all ready have the answer and don't need the employee's advice. But, you can also be missing out on the meaning of this question. This question will give you deep insight as to how a specific employee thinks about internal and customer challenges. The answer in itself may help grow your company!

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