Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Business & Insurance Forms

Chances are if you run a business, you have seen a few insurance forms. But, what are these forms and why do you get them a week after signing up for a policy? Let me help.

All that legal print that you will not read but should, that’s the Insurance Policy Form. The insurance policy form, or policy language, outlines who is an insured, the insuring conditions, what type of loss(es) are covered, and what type of loss(es) are excluded. This is pretty important stuff for your business and employees, so why not read it?

The insurance policy form matters because it can save you some money or cost you tons of money! The types and amounts of coverage matters, but what matters more is what these forms DON'T cover! For example, an insurance policy may cover the exact same risks (or not to same extent) as a policy from another carrier- even if the name of policy the exactly the same!

So, time is valuable. I know this as I own many businesses. But your insurance coverage and knowing what you have covered and what the insurance isn't covering is more valuable. Read the forms. Ask questions. And, if you're not happy, switch insurance carriers. It will save you from worry in the event you need to file a claim.



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  2. Yes, read those insurance forms. Having insurance for your business is a must to prevent unforeseen loss in the future. Thanks for sharing!