Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is your business marketing mistake?

Marketing mistake... the biggest one most companies make!

Did you know many businesses create their brands based on their products? Did you know this is a huge mistake? It is true!

Businesses shouldn't brand based on product. Instead, businesses should brand based on a customer's emotions. Think about Starbucks. Their coffee is expensive, yet many of us go there a few times a week- if not every morning. Why? Can we don't make our own coffee? Is their coffee really THAT good at $4.00 a cup (around $100 a month)? Or, is their something personal about your visit to Starbucks? Maybe they call your name? Maybe your order is personalized to reflect your taste? Maybe the music your listening to in line is inspiring and comforting...

Hmmm - sounds like Starbucks sells more than just coffee. The company sells an emotional experience that brings you back day in and day out!

When you brand don't ask yourself about the products/services features. Ask how you feel when using the product or receiving the services. If you can connect your products/ services to an emotion then you will have a brand!

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