Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Benefits of Hiring the Disabled.

There is this misconception within the business world that alludes to hiring the disabled as a hassle. It is a real fact. Business owners are not sure what the laws are; they're usually unsure as to what ADA requests need to be made and not made. Plus, there is a stereotype associated with being disabled, which hinders more business owners each and every day. You see, hiring the disabled is a win-win. You create a job for someone who needs it and your company has an asset with experience not only within your industry- but with overcoming challenges. Disabled people make great employees and their unique points of view actually make this group of workers more valuable than someone who does't have a physical or mental disability.

In addition to gaining some great talent, there are other benefits of hiring disabled employees.

First, businesses can deduct the cost of making their facility more accessible to disabled workers, such as removing barriers or installing ramps, and small businesses may be eligible for a disabled access credit. They may also qualify for the work opportunity credit, which is available to companies that hire workers with special employment needs.

According to SmallBusiness.com, "From a public relations standpoint, hiring disabled workers can create a more positive image for your business. If you operate in a small community, you can quickly establish a reputation as a company that offers a more diverse workforce. This may make you more attractive to prospective employees, customers and business associates."

Plus, your workplace will become more tuned-in with the culture of tomorrow. More and more companies are allowing employees to work from home. Starting this practice with a disabled person can actually help your company adapt to new work-from-home guidelines.

Other benefits disabled workers bring your business: They create more efficient and effective business processes.
The can develop and implement management strategies to attract and retain other qualified talent.
They will help you use technology in new ways to increase productivity.

And, here is a link for more info on the IRS' website.


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