Thursday, June 27, 2013

Worst States to Be An Entrepreneur!

If you're like me, you want to succeed in business. But, did you know there are a few states that can actually hinder your ability to be an entrepreneur? It's true!

Wisconsin is a bad state to start a business in. Why? Well, education. A good business owner needs lots of employee support- which apparently, according to several studies anyway, isn't available in Wisconsin. Entrepreneurs should also stay away from is Iowa. There is nothing wrong, business wise, with Iowa. The problem is people aren't flocking there. The same with Indiana. These two states actually have great tax rates when it comes to business, but since people aren't running to them to live- businesses are failing. Why would entrepreneurs look to Iowa or Indiana to grow businesses when there are no customers? It doesn't make sense, which is why these are two places to stay away from as an entrepreneur.

Last on my list (which actually makes it the top place to run from) is Maine. This is one state that penalizes entrepreneurs with a lot of licensing fees, taxes, employment red tape,etc. In addition, Maine doesn't have a huge population, which means if you aren't offering services or products via the Internet- your company's consumer base is going to be limited.

Starting a business is hard enough. Location is everything, literally! If you pick not only the wrong physical location- but the wrong state to license your business in- you could be dead in the water before your first customer walks through the door!

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